Bill Toll Bill Toll
Vocals, Guitars, Music, Lyrics

Artist Bill Toll is a "bluesy" electric guitarist who has been a regular Mid-Michigan clubs. Toll is also known for his ventures into theatre and performing arts, particularly as an improv comedy performer/director and as a founding member of the alternative Buckham Alley Theatre.

Don "Harley" Davidson Don "Harley" Davidson 
Backup Vocals, Bass

An original member of the 80's group "Toll", Don is a bass player with theory and attitude. "Harley" Don is also popular bass guitarist with groups like "The Incredible Oz" and "Blunt Force Trauma"!

Tom Sumner Tom "Boom Boom" Sumner

Tom is a versatile drummer and a regular member of the zoo crew

Larry "Bro' Larry" Daly Larry "bro' Lar" Daly
Vocals, Guitar

An original member of "Toll", Larry and Bill also perform together as "Blunt Force Trauma" for benefits for Hurley Medical Center and other area groups.

JD Dudick J. D. Dudick
Producer, Backup Vocals, Bass

Owner of RUFFCUT Productions and an integral part of the recording of the Cidy Zoo album, J.D. is a talented bass guitarist and vocalist. He was the recording engineer and producer of Toll's material on Cidy Zoo's last two releases.

Mike Smith Mike Smith
Drums, Percussion

Detroit native Mike Smith has an impressive list of studio credits and can be heard on "Something for Everyone" and "Waitin' on You"  the latest recordings from Cidy Zoo.

Something For Everyone features many guest artists including; Flint School of Performing Arts vocal instructor Sylvia Pitman, Detroit area harmonica soloist Roger Russo, drummer Jamie Conquest, bass guitarist Geoff Gale, pianist Julie Rupple, bass guitarist Chett Savage, guitarist Craig Standridge and the Dryden Symphony Orchestra Brass Ensemble with Roland Artuno.