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AC Commercial Stations! Thanks!

KTQM/Clovis, NM (new add)
WGYL/Vero Beach, FL (new add)
KIXR/Ponca City, OK
KVIC/Victoria, TX
KMSO/Missoula, MT  (20 spins/wk, Thank You!)
WPXN/Paxton, IL
KCHA/Charles City, IA (added at 21 spins/wk! Thank you!)
KLMJ/Hampton, IA
WGYL/Vero Beach, CA
KLKC/Parsons, KS
WZOO/Ashtabula, OH
KCVM/Cedar Falls/Waterloo, WI
WKSB/Williamsport, PA (21 spins/wk, Thank You!)
WLKG/Lake Geneva, WI
KCHA/Charles City, IA
WDBL/Baraboo, WI
WFDL/Fon Du Lac, WI
KKRB/Klamath Falls, OR  (28 spins/wk, Thank You!)
WDMG/Douglas, GA
WSFW/Seneca Falls, NY  (35 spins/wk, Thank You!)
KATW/Lewiston, ID
WEIM/Fitchberg, MA  (23 spins/wk, Thank You!)
KQIS/Crowley, LA  (22 spins/wk, Thank You!)
WATD/Marshfield, MA
KMVX/Jerome, ID
WJER/Dover, OH  (21 spins/wk, Thank You!)
WJDF/Orange, MA
WOYS/Eastpointe, FL (23 spins/wk, Thank You!)
WMOA/Marrietta, GA
KTHO/Lake Tahoe, CA
WASL/Dyersberg, TN (20 spins/wk, Thank You!)
KTRN/Pine Bluff, AR
WDMG/Douglas, GA
KMVR/Cruces, NM (21 spins/wk, Thank You!)
WQXQ/Owensboro, KY (21 spins/wk, Thank You!)
KOJM/Havre, MT
WSNU/Lockhaven, PA
KAYL/Storm Lake, IA
WKXD/Cookeville, TN (21 spins/wk, Thank You!)
WRIF/Detroit, MI

Rockin' College/Public Stations! 

WDET, Detroit, MI
KXCI Tuscon, AZ
KUMR Nevada, CA
WMNF Tampa, FL
WKNV Highland Heights, KY
WERS Boston, MA
WOMR Princetown, MA
WCDQ Sanford, ME
WDET Detroit, MI
WCSL Owosso, MI
WKNC Raleigh, NC
WVBR Ithaca, NY
KUNV Las Vegas, NV
WDPS Dayton, OH
WVIA Pittston, PA
WEVL Memphis, TN
WRLT Nashville, TN
KGUR Austin, TX
KDGE Irving, TX

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Larry Weir
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