bullet " Toll has been gifted with more than his share of creative energy... (and) strong blues guitar skills"",
bullet Shawn Humphrey - The Flint Journal. (more)
bullet "Sounds like country rock, southern rock, western rock, or southwestern rock. That narrows it down pretty well."
bullet Bob D. - Jam Rag Magazine (more)
bullet "...lead singer and guitarist Bill Toll possesses the spirit of the south and southwest U.S. The music swings, the melodies flow, and the guitars chime..."
bullet Geoff Wilburs Renegade Newsletter (more.
bullet "A definitely first-class album all the way. This is one of the best produced pieces of work to come out of Michigan."
bullet SH - Jam Rag Magazine (more)
bullet "Wonderfully funny ...refreshing and well performed".
bullet Kathleen Kirby - The Flint Journal
bullet "This album doesn’t suck",
bulletLarry Thompson - (fmr.) Executive director, Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
bullet " It’s real diverse and it sounds very good... I’m damn impressed, this is a helluva package. I can’t say enough about the album"
bulletAndre Peters - WWBN Banana 101.7 FM.
bullet " A classy mature sound that satisfies me",
bulletTony LaBrie - WINGS 103.1 FM.
bullet "Sensational!" " ...very cool tremolo guitar...really cool blues. Great stuff".
bulletGround Zero Entertainment